Life After: A story of Redemption

Book Release

This book is about a story of Redemption.

A story that led from the darkness to the light.

It could not be done without the process.

The process of loss.

The process of deliverance.

The Process of Forgiveness.

The Process of Healing.

Throughout the pages of this book, there is a deep dive into the layers of Kelsey. The layers that are seen and unseen. The layers that with the grace of God have come together for his good. As you read this book I hope you will see that you are not alone and redemption is not just for me but for you too!

I am Kelsey

Kelsey Sturgis was born and raised in Camak, GA. She currently resides in South Carolina with her wonderful husband of 11 years. She is an active member of her church and loves spending time with God, decorating, traveling, and DIY projects. Kelsey owns several businesses, including Kelsey Boutique and Simple Creations, and has a heart and passion for helping others.

Kelsey carried trauma for many years that caused her to be bound, broken, and fragile. But now the shackles have been loosened, the chains have been broken, and she is free and walking in her true identity. Kelsey prays that her story of going from bondage to freedom will inspire and help many others to come out and walk in their free place, just as someone else's testimony helped her come out and be free.‚Äč

This is my story....